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We are a small hobby breeder located in in Rixeyville in Central Virginia. We've been breeding Swissys for 24 years, and while we've not been actively breeding for a little while, we're getting ready to get back into it. Please check back for updates!

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to research and inquire about the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. I came to know and love this breed in high school (1984-1987). I purchased my first Swissy, Nox, from Jim and Cheri Barton in 1993 (Barton Manor Swissies), and rescued Boomer six months later. My first female, Julee, came from Kristen Kleeman (Derby Swissies). I am eternally grateful to my mentors. In twenty-one years I've experienced all the joys of Swissy ownership: potty training; puppy kindergartens; obedience classes; CGC's; carting; weight pulling; a National Specialty Best in show winner (George); multiple group placements; a VGS and other multi-work titled dog (Otis); top ranked Swissies (Nox, Julee, George, and Otis); two 3 time top 10 AKC champions (Nox and George); a two time top 5, Best in Specialty Show, and Westminster Kennel Club Best of Opposite and Award of Merit winner (Julee); Westminster Best of Breed winner (George); Westminster 1st Award of Merit winner (Otis), National Specialty Winner's Bitch (Cider); Atlantic Coast Specialty Winner's Dog (Cab); National Specialty Winner's Dog (Huxford); multiple CHIC certifed dogs; and copious amounts of money spent on what could have been a lovely vacation home on my favorite coast somewhere. I stopped counting how much Swissies can average a month, because it varies depending on their mischief. I have also experienced a friend's Swissy having aggressive tendencies that warranted euthanasia. I have Swissies I bred titled as therapy dogs working in schools, libraries, and hospitals. I have been a stud dog owner with Nox, Bear, Cab, Sirius, and George. I have bred and raised almost twenty litters from my girls: Lola, Julee, Rixey, Luna, Toulie, and Shillelagh. Through it all...I still own and LOVE this breed!! They are very addictive!

In my opinion, this is not a breed I recommend for everyone. You must have experience with dogs and more importantly with large breed dogs. Swissies need to be communicated to in a consistent way through language a dog understands. They need positive reinforcement and patience. Swissies are intelligent dogs (although there are times when you will think otherwise). Your ENTIRE family must be prepared to make this decision, as everyone's life will be impacted by this commitment and addition to your family. If you are not prepared to own a Swissy for the lifetime of the dog, then wait until you are. Health and temperament should be of utmost importance to you in your search for any breed of dog. I recommend every opportunity you have to meet a Swissy in your area. They are big, bold, confident, beautiful dogs, but they need your commitment of time, training, love, companionship, and unconditional support.

Best of luck as you search for the right breeder and puppy. If I can be of further assistance, feel free to contact me.


Colleen Murray Robson


-and don't forget to check out my blog! I've been keeping up with some Swissy issues you may need or want to know about!

If you'd like to be considered for placement of a NOX GSMD puppy from a future litter, please fill out my puppy application and email it back to me.

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Colleen Murray Robson

Colleen Murray Robson

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